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2014 Planning and Volunteers

2014 - Now that the museum artifacts have been lovingly packed away for future display in Lynde House, WHS volunteers are turning their attention to fundraising and getting ready for the move into Lynde House. Want to join us, please get in touch. We are happy to have new people serve on committees.


  1. Corporate Fundraising
  2. Activities Committee
  3. Committe for Canada's Sesquicentennial in 2017
  4. Virtual Museum Committee
  5. Grant Application Committee

March 2013 - The Whitby Historical Society moves the artifacts from being displayed at the Whitby History Museum into storage. The museum begins its virtual museum expansion and fundraising for a new museum building. Many thanks to all those who supported the museum in numerous ways over the past few years. This is not the ending but a new beginning! Come join us as a volunteer as we move forward with new museum trends that attract more visitors.

Come back as new events are planned for the Summer and Fall Season in various venus in Durham Region. Looking to get involved, email us and plan to come to meetings



 You are Cordially Invited to attend the above reception on December 7th
Please RSVP via email using this link. Thank you.


About Heritage Day

Well it was a great success... We had the biggest crowd around our front door, more than any other venue on Heritage Day this year. The museum was full all day... We had quite a few of our new volunteers on site all day which was great. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

The lady in the Edwardian costume is Sharen Wood. She was the star! Sharen was on the street at the front of the Museum and when people saw her they came in. A great attraction; people wanted to have their picture taken with her...little kids were so excited to be seen with her. Sharen is a lover of anything Victorian or Edwardian and made her own costume...she collects victorian dolls.

Brian Winter, Whitby Archivist was also on hand to greet people at the musem.